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Cash Cab for the Whole Family!

Make the Most of Traveling!

Put away the myriad of devices in your car and enjoy connecting and learning as a family, and have fun too!

During travel time we can choose to separate into our individual devices or choose to use that opportunity for a great family bonding moment! Many of us are looking for time to share with our family members in a fun and meaningful way. Time is so short as we run from activity to activity and then hurry home. We are also looking for time to share learning as a fun activity. How can we find moments to include our whole family in joyous learning?

Spend the time traveling in your car to challenge the whole family to learning trivia! If you take the time to invest a few short trips into this idea, you will find the whole family excitedly looking forward to short and long trips in the car with family members. This game is a great opportunity to reward a variety of information gathering and exercise memory for everyone!

Introducing… Cash Cab!

This game can be played by almost all ages. It is a game of repetitive memory skills. You may be shocked at how well the youngest players can memorize trivia! You may also be surprised at how much the teens in your groups will catch on to the positive consequences of seemingly trivial information gathering, in a hurry!

Cash Cab Set Up:

I purchased an old trivial pursuit game from a resale shop and just pulled out the remaining cards. I have found that the “trivial” facts are what make the game work. They are random and no one has any particular advantage to the topics over all.

The key to making it work is repetition. You will need to have one person designated as the official card reader during each session. The questions will be repeated multiple times within the same session until everyone knows them. I usually start with about 10 standard questions. This becomes the standard game bank of questions. Then as you play more often gradually add to the standard question bank. If the questions are repeated often enough, everyone will begin to remember the answers. The object is to learn the answers to these chosen random questions that are repeated during each session. This gives everyone a good chance to be successful, if an effort is made.

How to Play

When a question is asked to the first player, they may answer. If they get the answer correct they earn a point. If they do not know an answer the next player may guess, if they answer correctly they earn a point, and so on until every player has an opportunity to try to answer, or the answer is given and rewarded. If the answer is left unknown, the reader may state the answer and put the card back into the playing deck to be repeated later and randomly during the same game.

Points and Rewards

The points can be rewarded with whatever positive system you choose. I have had great luck using “cash”. I reward correct answer points with 25 cents each. The reader keeps track of the points and a cash reward is awarded following each game. I keep a stash of quarters and dollars with the game – or you can keep a tally book to record amounts to be paid off on allowance day or weekly.

Benefits for ALL!

Cash has a great advantage of being universally appreciated. It also involves some great practical math skills practice. The kids will learn to keep up with their winnings as well as estimate how quickly they can earn certain goal amounts. I have used it as an incentive for adding to allowance earnings. I feel it is appropriate to reward learning as much as taking out the trash. Also, older kids and teens will begin to appreciate how quickly quarters can turn into dollars. They will begin to ask for the Cash Cab activity during every trip! You can make rules about when the game is allowed to control earning greed.

You can add to the general bank of trivia cards as often as you choose. Sometimes it is nice to have a purely review game so that everyone has an opportunity to really cash in, while other times it may be nice to add in new questions to keep the interest alive and growing.

The game will help the entire family to feel more informed and generally smarter! Best of all, everyone is having fun as a family! You will be surprised at when these random trivia answers will sneak into your daily life

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Meet Katherine:

Katherine is a seasoned educator with a wide variety of expertise in the field. As a teacher with over 30 years of experience with students ages 3-18, she is also a Certified Elementary School Teacher (K-8), a Certified Special Education Teacher (K-12), an Inclusion Specialist, and a Visual and Performing Arts Specialist. In addition to her credentials, she has also spent 2 years as a House Parent for Severely Emotionally Disturbed teenaged girls (ages 9-18), and has worked with all types of students with various labels including Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, SED, ODD, FASD, ID, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Gifted, etc.

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April 6, 2018

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