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Engineer (Grades 3-4)


In this unit of lessons the student will practice transition skills such as teamwork, leadership, self-advocacy, and dedication to the improvement of skills necessary to become an Engineer. Students will participate in experiments to stretch the imagination and practice asking why questions and searching for answers.   The students will:

  • • Smash ingredients to create ice cream
  • • Cause soda cans to jump
  • • Ketchup packets to dive
  • • Build a butterfly from paper
  • • Combine words and shapes to express an idea in a visually interesting manner, through concrete poetry.
  • • Work in small groups to create and present a synchronized movement, to demonstrate creativity and unification as a group.
  • • Share their experiments through a museum display, present their concrete poems and the group synchronized movements, for a final presentation to the community
  • • Practice the foundational skills of time management and problem solving while also investigating future career options, through experiential learning.

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